Some beautiful quotes from One Tree Hill


Carrie Bradshaw got me thinking

“When things come too easy we’re suspect. Do they have to get complicated before we believe they’re for real? We’re raised to believe that the course of true love never runs smoothly. There always have to be obstacles in Act Two before you can live happily ever after in Act Three. But what happens when the obstacles aren’t there? Does that mean there’s something missing? Do we need drama to make a relationship work?” This is a quote from our favorite New Yorker from Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw and it got me thinking.

I guess with drama it becomes consuming, it pulls two people in like magnets. It’s the one of the things that keeps them coming back whether it’s right or wrong. Maybe no drama would mean no thrill, just two boring people living what they think is a perfect life, which place’s is Act Three. I am no pessimist but something is very wrong when there are no obstacles at all. You could just get sick and tired of all this perfection one day. A little drama from time to time is good for a relationship. J  This is so much like one of my favorite couples ever: Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. I cannot imagine them without any drama.

 But then, if everything is fine, why do we doubt? And sometimes when things are wrong we just give up. When did people start to be so complicated? When did it become so easy to give up? I don’t really understand them..not really, no. Maybe we are just too addicted to drama and when there are none we tend to create them. I don’t see any room for simplicity. Not in the life of my characters or mine. But I think Damon from the Vampire Diaries is right when he says that everybody wants love that consumes us. Maybe at the end of the day we are not influenced by TV shows but instead the shows reflect our life.


90210’s Naomi Clark

One of the most powerful characters you’d find in TV shows is Naomi Clark in 90210. In the beginning she was kind of weak, easy to get and she would just jump from relationships to relationships. She destroyed and re-created herself only to become the most powerful character in the show today. She is the kind of girl I would like to become one day. She doesn’t depend on anyone, she is the best at what she does and gets over people easily.

By analyzing the her character throughout different seasons I have tried to link her life to mine. Yes I do that a lot. lol.I’m a TV show addict and I always find myself in my favorite characters. Maybe Naomi’s life will never be perfect, she’ll not get everything she wants. She inspires me by the ways she looks at things her own way. I’ll tell you about the way I now see life and it feels so much like Naomi.

You can lament on the fact that you don’t have everything you want or make the most of and be grateful for what you already have. It’s always up to you to think positive. It’s the best feeling ever, to wake up and feel like life couldn’t be more perfect. I didn’t aim for perfection but there are times when I feel like I have it already. It’s all in the mind and you only are the creator of your universe. I went through things that almost killed me. Sometimes I’d wake up and feel nothing for anyone and sometimes I’d feel like hell. It took time and determination to survive and now I learnt to be grateful for everything that ever happened to me. I had to go through all of this to become the person I am today. I’m kind of sad to see the number of people around me who think negatively. They don’t realize that thinking negatively will make any situation only worse. Maybe thinking positive has become difficult nowadays. I don’t really know, if I did it, anyone can. There’s no excuse to prevent yourself from being happy. I guess whether it’s right or wrong you should always do what’s best for you, because as the saying goes ‘everything is fair in love’. What about the love for yourself? Isn’t it more important than any kind of love? As for me, I love myself enough to do everything that makes me happy. At some stage of life we have to become a little selfish and do what’s best for us by going against all obstacles.

Maybe I wrote too much about myself here but I got inspired by my own life just like Naomi. You’ll find her shifting all attention to herself so many times and that’s just because we know how to make the most of our life.

That’s all from me for now. Till then, take care ❤


Analyzing Gossip Girl Characters <3

Today I watched some Gossip Girl episodes and then checked out some videos of the different characters on YouTube. It kind of made me realize something. There’s always that person who acts like a transit. You wouldn’t even know. She’s the one you met before meeting the love of your life, she’s been your best friend till you found your BFF, she’s been your rebound till you got okay, she held your hand when you were alone till someone else walked in. She wouldn’t put any depressed status whatsoever anywhere because she wants people to think that she’s perfectly fine. Her feeling doesn’t matter to even herself when someone around her is not okay. She’s not faking anything, just being here for people she loves. It’s as if she doesn’t have the right to complain and she doesn’t really mind. Maybe that’s what greatness is really about. Maybe it’s the right way to become independent. You used her, whether you realized it or not, she did and she is happy that you’re happy today. You think that you got her fooled by your lies but no, she knew the truth all along and pretended to believe in every single lie. This is because she has been optimistic about the lies becoming truths someday but then, she has been the victim of her own optimism. You can put any label on her but she knows what she really is and the etiquette you give her will never ever matter. Her love is pure, so are her thoughts and intentions. Some people do hate her, some for no reason at all while some of them can’t bear with the fact that they can’t find anything wrong in her. She doesn’t really care about people, lives her life by going against normalization and will always at the end of the day find a reason to smile. Even if you make her suffer like hell she’ll rise up one day and be in a much better place than you are, and yes it happened each and every time. She’ll never come back to you just to show you how great her life is. Instead, she’ll help you to make your life as great as hers.

That’s one of my favorite Tv show character ever: Serena Van der Woodsen from Gossip girl. Even if right now it seems like she did some wrong to Blair and Dan’s relationship, at the end of the day she came to her senses. I would conclude that she is more mature than her best friend Blair no matter what. I tried analyzing her till I found some of her qualities in me.  I do feel proud that I got through many things by myself, like Serena.  So, if someone leaves you on your own, take it as a challenge and never ever ever give up ‘cause life is beautiful no matter what. No one is worth the pain, you’ll get out of this stronger than ever I swear. Keep believing like Serena and I do. ❤